LED modules

LED technology for lighting manufacturers

As a representative of Alder Optomechanical Corp. we provide distribution of ALDER LEDs within the Czech and Slovak Republics as well as other European countries. We provide technical advice and co-operation in the development of luminaires with LED technology. For lighting manufacturers we produce custom designed LED modules and LED bars.

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LED hall lighting

LED technology for companies

When using LED lighting, reduced power consumption is guaranteed as well as reduced maintenance demands and lowering overall environmental impacts. In co-operation with our partners, we provide technical support for lighting projects and calculations, including the supplies of technology and project implementation. As part of a focus on corporate clients we are mainly engaged in lighting of offices and workshops or warehouses.

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LED street lighting

LED technology for municipalities

In collaboration with our partners we offer replacement and modernisation of public lighting for municipalities. We provide the development of the overall project from analysis of the current state of public lighting in a municipality, calculation of savings to the implementation itself. In addition to all the tasks associated with our services, we can ensure the financing of the entire project.

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Advanced LED technology

NEWLED has been supplying LED lighting to the European market since 2006


NEWLED has been on the market for over 17 years

NEWLED provides the best solution of LED lighting on the market, inspired by our customers' requirements and manufactured under constant daily development of LED technology of our best engineers. We are aware that our customers need modern and efficient lighting with an uncompromising attention to performance, returns and long lifetime. Therefore, we only offer products with Alder technology which are subject to strict standards and certification and not only within the European Union. Our LED luminaires have a long lifetime as proven by products that we have been delivering to the market since 2006.

• Production of LED luminaires in the Czech Republic and distribution of German ALDER LED luminaires
• High-quality materials and perfect co-ordination of individual components ensure long life and high efficiency
• The latest ALDER LED technology is immediately integrated into the products
• Own development of LED lighting allows custom made production of luminaires, in addition to the standard product range
• Distribution of ALDER diodes and technical advice for lighting manufacturers
• Production of custom made LED modules and LED bars
• Co-operation with leading European luminaire manufacturers and distributors